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This site is dedicated to advising heterosexual men on how to be better lovers so that they can enjoy better relationships with their female partners. We will sharing sex tips for men, relationship advice and anything else that we can think of that will help our male readers to enjoy happier, sexier, kinkier love lives! So for our very first article we wanted to share one of the absolute top sexual skills that any man can learn to satisfy his lady’s sexual needs. Learning pussy licking skills is essential to your woman happy in the long term. It will give her immense sexual pleasure and best of all for us guys it is not that hard to learn or to do well! So check out this guide and then go get some practice…

How to Lick Pussy

One very important thing that you need to know…Learning how to lick pussy is one of the easiest and most powerful ways of making a woman have a mind blowing, highly intense orgasm!

You absolutely must learn the art of cunnilingus and practice it until you have it completely mastered. Then once oyu have done this you will be able to make pretty much any woman cum, whenever you want ands as many timeas times as you want (or at the very least until your tongue gets too tired and you have to stop

  1. Treat her full body as one great big erogenous how to lick pussy zone – This one little tips is worth so much I should write a book about it and sell it for $100..! Don’t just dive right in there and start liking away at her pussy. Instead, tickles, nibble, lick and suck at every single part of her body. The more of this you do the hornier she will become. You will also really stand out as 995 of men out there either don’t think to do this or are to lazy to do it!
  2. Prop her up with a pillow – Put one or two pillows under her ass. This will make it much easier for you to lick her clitoris without getting a sore neck and also give your fingers easy access to her pussy.
  3. How to lick her clit – Don’t over complicate this. Don’t try to get all fancy. Don’t do anything to complicated. Just lick up and down her clit in slow steady motion. As she starts to get more and more aroused increase he speed and the pressure but keep the rhythm as steady and regular as possible. If you keep on doing this she will climax and she will enjoy it…A lot!
  4. Slide in a finger or two – If you slide one or two fingers inside her pussy you are licking her clit you will be giving her vaginal as well as clitoraCunnulingusl stimulation. This is very, very pleasurable for a woman and well worth the effort!
  5. Roll her over and slide right in – I love doing this. As soon as she has finished her orgasm, grab her by the ankles and flip her over onto her belly. Open her legs nice and wide and then slide you cock inside her. This will blow her mind and she is very likely to cum again very quickly.
  6. Never forget that the more you do it the better you will get – Yes as with most thing in life practice makes perfect so get out there and give this a go!

So there you go, you have now learned the basics of how to lick pussy like a boss. All you need to do now is find a willing lady and get your skills perfected in the real world!

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